Ferramenta inovadora para Gestão de Manutenção.

All the FREEDOM to integrate

Make the most of ACELINK by integrating it with other systems. A universe of possibilities!

Do you want to know how to interconnect your platform in order to work more agile? Ask us how.

Work with Agility
Integrated platforms improve your productivity.
Secure Integration
Strong authentication mechanisms combined with encrypted communication.
Advanced Features
Integrated tools unlock a universe of possibilities.
Freedom to Integrate
Simplicity and speed of integration..
Excellence in processes
Integrated processes result in better planning and execution of business processes.
Recognized quality
Increase the quality of your work, improve KPI, see how integrated tools can help.
Integrate with ACELINK Maintenance Management

A UNIVERSE of possibilities.

Business Analytics

Send KPIs to Business Analytics

Integrate ACELINK with your business analytics platform and visualize maintenance data and KPIs across your entire operation. Share data with your stakeholders through integrated reports.

ERP Business Management System

Integrate your ERP and get process agility.

By integrating ACELINK with your ERP you will be able to control, for example, all costs of the maintenance department's operations in the ERP as well as control of stocks, working times and costs.

Sensors and Equipment

Get data from Equipment and Sensors (IoT) for analysis.

Development of custom integrations between sensors, IoT, Equipment allowing data analysis and triggering maintenance processes.

PMS - Property Management Systems

Boost your Hotel Operation by integrating your PMS.

Through the integration of ACELINK with your PMS, discover all the advantages and potential of ACELINK in the hospitality industry. Status of Rooms, Guest, Stay, Management of Incidents and Complaints, Repairs to Owners.

Experimente Hoje

Demo Gratuita

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